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Your allround law firm for the information society 

Modern technologies and new media are evolving at the speed of light. And legal challenges are matching their pace. The result: in every branch of law and in every sector, ICT, media and e-regulations are increasingly playing a decisive role.

A legal partner that understands these new evolutions? Those are hard to come by. Of course: staying current with all of these legal and technological innovations is a job for specialists. And you'll find those specialists with time.lex. 

time.lex' assets as your legal partner 

  • time.lex is a niche firm – We are specialists in a very specific area of law. So specific in fact that we gave it its own name: time law. That stands for technology, intellectual property, media and e-business/e-governement/entertainment. Not only do we know this time law through and through, we also help developing it. And our technological insight is more than sufficient to help you with any problem.  Discover the advantages of our team of specialists.
  • time.lex is your one-stop office – As specialists we focus on the domains in which we excel. However, not with blinders on. We can be your single point of contact for all your legal questions. If we are not able to assist you in a certain matter, we will help you find the right legal expert for you. Discover how we can help you.
  • You put your faith in an international law firm – We operate from the capital of the European Union and can call upon several networks of specialists across the globe. This gives us an extensive experience in successfully supporting European and international projects. Learn more about our international approach.
  • We offer you transparency and reasonable fees – You can benefit from specialist work at fair rates, as an added benefit of our focus on time law. Read more about our rates and fees.

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