Competitive fees


At time.lex, we provide top rated legal advice. But that doesn't mean that our fee rates are also head and shoulders above the competition. Quite the contrary: we always manage to provide services with a fair price tag.

  • Fair fees – Because our firm offers true specialists in time-law, you'll get quicker and more precise answers to your complex questions. Simply because we can spread our investment in knowledge and know-how over a much greater number of files, creating a better return on investment for you.
  • Project based fees – Would you like a fixed fee for your project? And would you prefer to know it in advance? No problem: we'll provide a clear offer that establishes our working arrangement in detail.
  • Transparant fees – We're happy to review any part of your statement of fees in detail, in advance. So that you can be sure what's coming when you choose to work with us.

We establish clear fee agreements when a file is first opened. Depending on your preferences and the needs of your file time.lex can work:

  • on the basis of an hourly fee
  • on the basis of fee caps
  • on the basis of fixed fees
  • or on the basis of specific formulas, such as subscriptions or volume discounts, if this suits the needs of your organization better.

That way, we can avoid undesired surprises, and you can keep your legal budget tightly under control.

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